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Important Messages
All participants who complete the reading program goal for McBride Library are eligible to be entered in the Air Force wide summer reading achievement program. Prizes for this program include $500/$300/$150/$50 gift cards; Google tablets, and DVDs.
Registration is now closed for the Kids' online program; however, all children are encouraged to participate in the weekly events held at McBride Library.

Program times - Mondays, 10:00am and 5:30pm

June 10 – “Get Your Wings @ the Library”
June 17 – “Flat Stanley @ The Library”
June 24 – “A Journey Through the States”

Read books to earn these amazing prizes!
* Ages 3-7: must read 80 books (10 books per prize level)
* Ages 8-12: must read 1,960 minutes (245 minutes per prize level)

Prize 1 = Inflatable Coloring Bus
Prize 2 = Jellyfish Yo-yo
Prize 3 = Slingpack Bag
Prize 4 = Coloring Book & Bendy Pen or Travel Journal & Bendy Pen
Prize 5 = Foam Jet Flyer
Prize 6 = Challenge Coin
Prize 7 = Travel Blanket
Prize 8 = Stuffed Giraffe